All commands are executed by entering them into the Discord channel the bot is in, with the command prefix from the config (defaults to !) and all of the arguments.


Lists all available commands. Commands that the sending user has permisison to use are bolded. See Permissions for more information about DiscordChat’s permissions system.

Default permission level: Global

help <command>

Retrieves the help information for the given command.

Default permission level: Global


Reloads the configuration and permissions.

Default permission level: Admin

roleid <role>

Retrieves the ID for the role with the given name for use with Permissions.

Default permission level: Global

exec <command>

Executes the given command (including the leading /) in Minecraft.

Default permission level: Admin


Lists all players online in Minecraft.

Default permission level: Global

tps [dimension]

Displays the TPS (ticks per second) for a given dimension (or all dimensions, if none is specified).

Default permission level: Global

unstick <player>

Teleports the player with the given name back to spawn.

Default permission level: Approved

permission [user]

Retrieves the permission for a given user (or the command sender, if no user is specified).

Default permission level: Global

setPermission <role> <permission>

Sets the permission of the given role. See Permissions for more information about DiscordChat’s permission system.

Note: The role parameter is the name of the role, not the ID.

Default permission level: Admin


The DiscordChat permission system has 3 levels:

  • Global: The default level for every user
  • Approved: Grants access to some additional commands meant for players on the server, along with all Global-level commands
  • Admin: Grants access to commands used to run the mod that could be potentially dangerous, along with all Global- and Approved-level commands.

Initially, after setting up DiscordChat, no roles will have the Admin permission level. To specify the initial Admin role, you need to:

1. In the Discord channel that DiscordChat is configured to use, run the roleid command with the name of the role which you’ll use as the admin:

roleid command example

2. Edit the permissions file (config/DiscordChat/permissions.json) to manually specify the permission level:

	"139888978605244416": "ADMIN"