Large Veins adds incredibly rare, super-massive ore veins to the world.

Large Veins uses a JSON configuration file allowing users or modpack developers to modify the minimum/maximum Y coordinate the large vein can spawn at, the size of the large vein, and the chance the large vein has to spawn (higher number is more rare), and even add their own large veins. More information about the configuration file format can be found here.

Coal Ore Large Vein: Coal Ore Large Vein

Iron Ore Large Vein: Iron Ore Large Vein

Redstone Ore Large Vein: Redstone Ore Large Vein

Substratum Aluminum Ore Large Vein: Substratum Aluminum Ore Large Vein

Substratum Tin Ore Large Vein: Substratum Tin Ore Large Vein