ShadowTweaks is divded into multiple modules called Features. Each feature has a property to enable/disable it in the _features category of the configuration file (located at config/shadowfacts/ShadowTweaks.cfg).

Flat Bedrock

The flat bedrock feature does exactly as the name says and replaces the normal bedrock generation with flat bedrock in the overworld and the nether. Any bedrock removed will be replaced with stone or netherrack depending on the dimension.


The only function of the crops feature is to allow right-clicking fully grown crop blocks to harvest them. Whenever a fully grown crop is right-clicked, several things will occur:

  1. The block will be harvested, causing the drops to spawn.
  2. One of the “seeds” for the block will be removed from the drops list.

This functionality only works with registered crop blocks, these include Wheat, Carrots, Potatoes, and Nether Warts. It is left up to other mods to register their own crops.

Dev Tools

The Dev Tools feature provides a number of utilities helpful for mod/pack developers.


If enabled, this will print the class of the entity to the log whenever the /summon command is used. For example, /summon Bat will print net.minecraft.entity.EntityBat to the log.


This is a list of strings specifying entities with which classes to kill when they are created. This accepts a list of fully qualified class names, such as net.minecraft.entity.EntityBat.

Extra Recipes

The Extra Recipes feature adds miscellaneous recipes for things. The name is pretty self describing.


Adds a recipe which takes 8 logs and gives 4 chests, a faster version of the vanilla chest recipe.


The screenshot feature proviodes a number of things related to taking screenshots.


Takes a string that is the path to any directory on the computer where screenshots will be saved to instead of the Vanilla directory. Leave empty to use the Minecraft default.


Takes the identifier for the service you want to use for uploading screenshots. Leave empty to disable uploading.

Currently the only available service is Imgur (the ID for which is imgur).


The imgur section of the screenshot section specifies the configuration options for the Imgur uploader service.


The client ID to use for the Imgur API. To obtain a client ID;

  1. Go here.
  2. Specify a name.
  3. Select “OAuth 2 authorization without a callback URL” for the “Authorization type”.
  4. Specify an email.
  5. Replace the Client ID in the config with the value of the “Client ID” field.

If enabled, the Imgur link for the uploaded screenshot will be copied to the clipboard on a successful upload.


Adds utilities for working with placed signs.


Allows right-clicking already placed signs to edit them.


Allows shift+right-clicking already placed signs to clear them.

Splash Messages

The Splash Messages feature allows replacing the Vanilla main menu splash messages with a custom one.


A list of strings that contain the splash messages. One will be selected at random from the list.



If enabled, when a tool is right-clicked and there is a block in the next slot over, the block will be placed.