Get that pesky water out of your eyes and see better with these Goggles.

Off/On: Goggles Off Goggles On

Goggle Lens

Crafting component for Goggles.


Allows you to breathe infinetely underwater when your head is up to 2 meters below the surface of the water. Also functions as Goggles.

SCUBA Breather

Use oxygen from your SCUBA Tank allowing you to breathe for extended lengths of time underwater. Also functions as Goggles.

When underwater, a special HUD indicator is used instead of the normal breath indicator to show the amount of oxygen in the SCUBA Tank: Oxygen Tank Indicator


Store oxygen for use with your SCUBA Breather with this nifty tank. Can be filled from an Oxygen Tank.

Oxygen Tank

Used to store oxygen produced by an Oxygen Collector.

Oxygen Collector

Collects oxygen from the air and stores it an adjacent Oxygen Tank. Requires, RF, Tesla, or Forge energy to function.


Crafting component for the Oxygen Collector.

Fan Blade

Crafting component for the Fan.